Business Processes

Supply Chain Strategy

Create a globally integrated, efficient, transparent, and agile supply network infrastructure and ensure an aligned long-term supply chain roadmap; facilitate technology innovation, digitalization and sustainability advancements.

Integrated Plannning

Cross-functional alignment and decision-making of marketing, sales, operations, and financial plans at strategic, tactical and operational level to achieve defined service, availability, quality, inventory and cost targets.

Smart Production

Develop and integrate a world-class Manufacturing and Sourcing network to supply global customer demand and meet service and cost targets most efficiently and sustainably.

Global Fulfillment

Availability optimization and order fulfillment from the global supply network meeting global customer requirements, cost and inventory targets.

Logistics Services

Develop and integrate a superior logistics services network to deliver customer orders, provide after sales services and meet services and cost targets most efficiently and reliably.

Quality Management

Develop and implement a Total Quality Management System for all products, processes, and services the along the e2e value chain.